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New Opening November 2013

Organic Synthesis Chemist (PhD) Temporary position (1 to 4 months). Focus Synthesis LLC is seeking a creative, motivated PhD chemist willing to tackle challenging synthetic problems in the synthesis of small organic molecules for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer, metabolic disorders, CNS disorders and other diseases. Focus Synthesis LLC is a growing, successful San Diego-based CRO in the drug discovery services and pharmaceutical research chemical fields. Initially, this is a temporary position (1 to 4 months), but could be extended to full time, with competitive compensation and partial medical/dental coverage.

Job Description: Candidates must be willing to carry out difficult reactions and purification procedures, and to modify and improve reaction conditions when existing literature is inadequate. Two years of postdoctoral experience in nonpeptide, synthetic organic chemistry is required. Medicinal chemistry background and experience with a variety of reaction types (such as Suzuki coupling, synthesis of alkyllithiums, alkoxyamine synthesis, Sonogashira coupling, Sandmeyer reaction, DAST fluorinations, heterocyclizations) are strongly recommended.

Compensation: A monthly salary + substantial profit sharing based on successful synthetic steps

How to apply: To indicate the breadth of your synthetic experience, a 1 to 2 page summary of representative chemical reaction types that you have carried out with your own hands (include structures or partial structures) is required as well as a resume and 3 references. Email your application (including chemical reaction summary) to, or fax to 858-259-0980.

Overview of Focus Synthesis: Focus Synthesis LLC is a chemistry-focused life sciences CRO located in San Diego, CA. We help Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Diagnostic companies and reseach institutions discover better medications by providing discovery services (small molecule custom synthesis, chiral chemistry, drug discovery, lead expansion, linker chemistry, medicinal chemistry). Our chemical catalog offers distinctive organic molecules designed to accelerate discovery research. Focus Synthesis LLC has developed a unique drug discovery application, TIDEA, which can improve the active ligand discovery rate in high throughput screening and lead expansion without knowledge of target structure.

Focus Synthesis Phone: (858)-259-0121 (direct line, Mon-Fri 7:00 am-5:00 pm PST), 888-739-6041 (toll free, USA only).

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